2-Part Epoxy 50ML with Nozzle
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2-Part Epoxy 50ML with Nozzle

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  • Item #: CMC-IC-2301-E
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50 ML Epoxy is used to glue in the iron balusters onto staircases. Each tube of epoxy installs around 20 balusters. The set time on this super epoxy is roughly 15 minutes and it will prevent the iron balusters from rattling and making your handrail sturdy. In order to use the epoxy you need to use an epoxy gun. The epoxy is thick and does not run down the baluster when you try to epoxy the top of the handrail and iron baluster. The baluster should be epoxy from the top on the handrail side and the bottom on the stair nosing. To order an epoxy gun, please click here.

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